Atlantian Award Images

This page is intended to be a source of both clip-art and graphics that will be useful to the scribal community and to chroniclers within the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. If you use these graphics, please provide proper acknowlegement of their source with the appropriate text in publications.

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Atlantian Order and Award Badges

Order of the Pelican

Order of the Laurel

Order of the Chivalry

Order of the Golden Dolphin

Order of the Pearl

Order of the Sea Stag

Order of the White Scarf

Order of the Yew Bow


Order of the Opal

Order of the Coral Branch

Order of the King's Missiliers

Order of the Osprey

Order of the Sea Dragon

Order of the Quintain

Sharks Tooth

Award of the Silver Nautilus

Kings Award of Excellence

The Undine

Award of the Herring

Award of the Sea Urchin

Order of the Hippocampus

Order of the Sea Tiger

Order of the Alcyon

Order of the Nonpareil

Queens Order of Courtesy

Artwork Acknowledgement for images of Atlantian Orders and Awards

Excerpted from Publication Permission Form on file with Atlantian Clerk Signet
I hereby grant to the following person(s) the right to publish my work in their publication and/or on their website as noted below. Proper credit for the author/creator(s) must be given in the publication or the website where this work is published. I ask that you do not edit or abridge my work. I authorize the Chronicler/ Web Minister to release my work for publication in other publications of the SCA, Inc. provided that a copy of this form is given to the new Chronicler/Web Minister. (No expiration date). (Signed) Eldred Žlfwald