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Each category has a data page ( View) that lists all the scrolls in the category.

You'll also find a FAQ that we've started, we'll add to it as we get actual questions; and a copy of our *new* policy.

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Note: I would appreciate everyone's assistance in keeping this data as accurate as possible.  Whenever an awards list is published in the Acorn (always at the end of a Reign, sometimes more often) please contact me if you have information about those scrolls & awards.  Especially...

  • If you are a scribe who made scrolls for those awards
  • If you are a scribe who has accepted a commission for those scrolls
  • If you are a scribe who wants to volunteer for any of those scrolls
  • If you received a real scroll. (either at court or since)
  • If you received a promissory and it doesn't have the "right" name on it (because I probably have that name too)
  • If you received a promissory and you have already commissioned a scroll
  • If you know that a real scroll happened. (even if you aren't the scribe or the recipient)
Note to scribes: Please remember to always check with the Clerk Signet's Office before beginning work on a new scroll and always let us know when you've completed and delivered a scroll.  You may use this as a "wish list" and request to be assigned specific scrolls, but please be wary of the temptation to request more than you can complete in a reasonable period of time. Also, please double check your assignments and commissions to make sure they're marked as assigned and double check that your recent (and past) completions are no longer on this list.

Note to the populace: We believe strongly in protecting the privacy of our scribes - their names are omitted here and we won't give them out. If you'd like your scribe to contact you, send your contact information to us and we'll relay the message to your scribe. If your scribe prefers anonymity we will act as a go between. We'd deeply appreciate your help in our continuing effort to make the database as accurate as possible. We ask that you please double check your own entries and inform us of any corrections and updates.

Note about the backlog: The backlog listing as of January 2008 is linked directly to the Order of Precedence. The OP is not yet completely loaded with all past Atlantian events, so older awards may be missing event and awarding monarch information. We are working to fill this data in.

Current Statistics for precedence-bearing award scrolls:

  • Currently Assigned: 27
  • Needed Status: 129
  • Complete Status: 1974
  • Unknown Status: 1
  • Not Required Status: 1270
  • Atlantian Backlog -

    Status Recipient Award Event Award Date Monarchs Name Registered Blazon
    Needed Quenthryth of Laure Pelican Ymir / Windmaster's Hill 2003-02-15 Cuán IV and Pádraigín I 1997-07-01 Quarterly sable and purpure, a bend wavy between two winged cats passant, wings elevated and addorsed, argent.

    Atlantian Backlog - 1 record


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