Atlantian Clerk Signet Contacts

Clerk of the Signet

Lady Oliva Isabelle
mka: Ashley Powers
Submission Address:
1700 Palm Grove Terrace
Richmond, VA 23228
434-238-5409 (No calls after 10pm)
Oliva is responsible for the following:


Scroll Backlog Deputy

Lord Conor mac Lellan
mka: Richard L Smith
Phone: 937-508-1844 (no calls after 9pm)
9565 Fort Foote Rd.
Fort Washington, MD 20744
responsible for assisting with the backlog database and assignments.


Maryland Regional Deputy:

Lady Daniela Schwartzhaupt
mka: Danielle Scott
135 Riverthorn Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21220
Phone: 443-762-0409 (best between 5pm to 10pm)


Southern Regional Deputy:

Lord Geffrei Maudeleyne
mka Bill Mauldin
Phone Number: (336) 406-4091 (Please only call between 11am and 9pm)


New Scribe and Education Coordinator

Saiida (Lady) Sajah bint-Habushun ibn-Ishandiyar al-Hajjaji hippopotamama-AT-hotmail.com.
Sajah is responsible for the following:


Scrivener Royal

Faílenn Chu ingen uí Fháeláin
The Scrivener Royal is a Kingdom Notable chosen through competition overseen by the Clerk of the Signet. The position is held for a six-month term. Duties are to be the main scribal assistant to the Crown and the Clerk of Signet.


Webminster for Clerk of the Signet

Lord Subetai Al-Qulan
mka: Aaron Steele
Subetai is responsible for maintaining and updating the Clerk Signet website.